Apartment Tour: Photo Grid

I’ve been having so much fun decorating the apartment. I’m worried it’s starting to be overkill with the sheer volume of photos I’ve hung up so far. But, they’re what I like to see the most.


I guess eventually I’ll figure out how other people have hanging up art and decorations and other things. But for now, it’s a K. and P. image fest.

I kept that going in the living room when I decided to test out Artifact Uprising for the first time. I’ve seen their photobooks on Cathy’s and Ali’s blogs, but I didn’t have any vacations or events I really wanted to turn into a book.

But oh man, did I have an apartment to decorate. I checked out the square print set for a while, and once we moved, I decided I really wanted to check them out and see how their quality was.



It was $22 for 25 5×5″ prints (and I think around $30 after shipping), and they came out beautifully. Seriously. The quality is fantastic. I guess it’s not fair to compare them to regular photos. I knew they’d be nicer, or at least different, because they use special paper. And they were obviously more expensive than regular photo prints.



But for decorating a wall, they are amazing. They come on 130 lb. Mohawk Superfine Eggshell paper, nice and thick, with white borders. I randomly went through all my favorite images and picked out 25. I think a handful of them were already squares from Instagram, which I cropped to remove their old borders, and the rest I turned into squares before uploading so I could choose which areas got cropped.


I knew I wanted to create a grid of square images somewhere in the living room. I ended up deciding on the thick strip above the fireplace, which I measured to hold 10 squares across and 2 squares down. Different than my original idea of a 4×6 grid, but I love them all lined up.


If I ever redecorate, or move — just the thought of it makes me exhausted — I would love to expand it into a huge grid of images.



I used painters tape along the top and bottom to keep things straight, then measured it out with a ruler. I think there was an inch between.


So like I said, eventually there might just be too many photos. But definitely not yet.




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