things i learned on my business trip.

i miss blogging when i am away. i am, as always, grappling with what it’s all for, but i enjoy writing it out here. you know, when i do it.

airport security stresses me out. i’ve never had any issues with the process. the “worst” experience was a crazy long line before e.p. and i went to mexico. but really? the excitement of that trip trumped any possible frustrations. we were going on a tropical getaway for a week.

but every time i have to get myself through the airport, i insist on arrive at least two hours early, i get sweaty palms, and i’m taking off my shoes and unloading my laptop 15 minutes before i need to.┬ádo not get me wrong: i gladly go through whatever obstacles have been put in place to try to keep us safe. and it does not make me agitated. it just gives me the cold sweats.

waiting in line at starbucks is the most worth it waste of time. the lines in the morning, and in the afternoon at the convention center, were insane. but every time, i took the first sip of my iced caramel macchiato (frippy drink of choice), and i realized it was the best part of the whole trip.


i cannot handle time zone changes. there was a colleague from england with us, who must have been dealing with a nine hour difference. and then there was me, legit unable to keep my eyes in focus over dinner with my three hour difference.

i like being able to sleep. understatement of the year. when i’m snuggled up, cozy, and comfortable, i just can’t turn off my brain sometimes. and when i’m anything less than that, i just don’t give in and lay down. i’ve only had one good night’s rest since i’ve been home. i’m exhausted. helloooooo, thursday night!

there are a few choice things i’m always thrilled to get home to.

best photo from saturday night. :)

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    Oh girl don’t even get me started on how much I hate having to deal with airports. Security, running to gates, waiting in lines, delays, boarding… ugh. I just got back from Hawaii, and yeah… the travelling was definitely not all that enjoyable. And I know what you mean about blogging as well… I like to think that I like to unplug, but only for a short time — I end up missing it if I’m gone for too long.

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      so stressful! lucky for you, hawaii looks pretty worth it. I’ll gladly do it for a nice vacation somewhere. ;)

      agreed – I like to unplug and re-plug just to remember what I appreciate from both sides.

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