what i’m eating: the photos.

i had fun cracking out my camera again over the weekend. i’m always shocked at the different between the dslr and the iphone when it’s been this long since i’ve used it. yes, i know that sounds insane. but i start thinking it’s not worth it to lug it around. and then i’m so pleased when i do.

here are some eats from recently. these actually have nothing to do with my last post, since there is no seafood, chicken, or anything else non-vegetarian. believe me, that’s still happening. but it’s like i said, i had fallen out of the camera habit.

saturday morning, i celebrated not being at work with a little pancake breakfast.

my college roommate is on a gluten-free, sugar-free, etc etc etc diet. but she found the most delicious gluten-free pancake recipe.


the original recipe is from here; then we swap out the sugar for a few drops of stevia. i made a 1/2 batch.


and then i pour on pancake syrup. it all evens out. (what is my camera focusing on in this picture – the coffee mug? anyway, you get the point.)



i continued lazy saturday with a trip to an antiques store with my parents.


it reminded me that i kind of hate antiques stores.

but then we got to the main event – lunch at one of the best little italian restaurants.

i got the gnocchi. yes, not so healthy in this sauce. but worth it. and i have been working harder to have less indulgent meals and more compromises with myself. (again, just not pictured.)


my papa with his meaty pasta dish. love how he prepares:


last night, i had a reasonably large lunch, so i ended up not wanting much at dinner time.


i sautéed some brussels sprouts in a little butter, then added two slices of soy bacon. topped with some mexican jack cheese when they were browned. strange but good.



and what compromise-filled, healthy eating post would be complete without this:


happy what i ate wednesday (tomorrow)!

i’m linking up with jenn at peas + crayons.

P.S. Easy dinners for after a move and What I Ate archives.




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    I love the look of your brussel sprouts! I read this last night on my phone and it made me hungry! I feel like I’m stalking you on WIAW…everywhere I go, you’ve already been there!! So you’re leaving the ranks of the veggies…You need to do what works for you health-wise. I’m not being critical…just teasing. We need to get together to talk. Hugs!!

    • says

      hahaha. i haven’t participated in wiaw in a while – i’ve been excitedly clicking around. but now, i have to go to work. so my breadcrumbs are ending here.

      yes, i am leaving the ranks of the veggies. i know you aren’t critical. :) i did rack up a lot of veggie meals that i will take with me, though.

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    These are some awesome eats! I would eat every single thing. Don’t worry about not eating the healthiest – isn’t that what weekends are for?! I can definitely tell these are taken with a fancy dslr camera! I just recently got one and it’s made a world of a difference. Happy Wednesday! :)

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