weekend update: papa’s birthday

so it seems that the past week has been nothing but weekend updates and what i ate wednesdays.i feel like i should knock it off. but i like them! perhaps just add some real posts back in between. :-) i really like updating about the weekend, because it’s typically all the free time i have, and if EP is around i don’t get a chance to post about it.

friday was my papa’s birthday. i definitely keep them young, like we joked when i was little, because he does not seem his age.

we celebrated friday night with dinner at our favorite local italian restaurant. i got the big iceberg lettuce salad. ;-) it’s the dressing! and of course a glass of merlot to toast with him.

after last week’s drizzle, the apartment was amazingly comfortable, and I laid in my living room for the first time in a month. I didn’t realize how lousy it’s been to be confined to one room for so long.

i feasted on an open-faced sliced egg sandwich around breakfast-time. i had delicious coffee, and then i didn’t feel like anything sweet for first meal. it was amazing. like egg salad, but less mayo and less utensils. i don’t know why i don’t eat one of these every day.

I wrapped presents with some ads from vegetarian times magazines, read some of a new book – french women don’t get fat, and typed up a post. (and then never got around to posting… shame.)

when EP got to the apartment, we tried a new little drink experiment. :-)

i have never… ever… made a successful cocktail. i tried maybe three over the years, like proper cocktails, and they were all so lousy, i’ve just stuck with ordering out or drink mixes.

jenna to the rescue with her latest recipe on eat, live, run.

saturday was success in the form of a blueberry mojito. i followed her recipe exactly, but made double the simple syrup, for double the mojito.

we celebrated with a pisker’s cake, naturally (local bakery we’ve gotten every birthday cake from since i was born). the birthday boy was very happy. he didn’t have his slice until probably bedtime, but he loved it.

EP and i left the party just a little early, along with my brother and family, so we could all head to a winery for some music. it’s my sister-in-law’s sister’s girlfriend. they play a random mix of songs, things they write and covers, and they’re great.

should’ve taken a few more photos, but it was an incredibly low-key night.

the woman on the bongo? i have a girl crush on her. really, i think i just want to be her. she reminds me just slightly of jackie warner, and seems like the coolest person i would never be best friends with.

sunday i celebrated with another mojito at 4:00 in the afternoon. this never happens. but it’s going to more often now.

and my brother + mama installed my brand-new air conditioner in the living room!! so i can get back to enjoying allllll of my apartment.

happy monday.




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    mmmm… mojitos. They are the perfect summer drink. Not to sweet, not too refreshing and with bubbles! I’m going to have to try a blueberry mojito.

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