[memorial day weekend] in meals

i hope your holiday weekend was delightful. a little extra time with family and loved ones never hurt anything. :-)

today is a “what i ate wednesday” post, hosted by jenn at peas and crayons. i’m sharing a little mix of meals i had during the weekend.

we mostly spent a really nice three days sitting around by the pool. i think saturday will have to be its own post (just lots of pool time and a family treat).

i snuggled up in bed with a popsicle to cool off, before i stole a nice window AC from my parents yesterday.

i woke up and stayed snuggled up in bed with a bowl of oatmeal. i now know what all the fuss has been about with justin’s nut butter. i picked up a jar of maple almond butter at target saturday night (along with a ridiculously comfortable skirt i haven’t taken off since). even with my issue of eating a jar in approximately three sittings, i can’t stay away from a new jar of something-or-other calling to me from the shelf.

but seriously, this almond butter is so good. SO GOOD. i really am going to try to stick to it as an oatmeal topping. you know, measured. and not a meal in itself. :p

EP and i went to the diner monday morning before we headed to my parents’ house. it was one of those perfect mornings… the food wasn’t bad, either.

i got had an egg white omelet with american cheese, sliced tomatoes with salt, coffee, and a bit of a bagel.

EP got a waffle, with bananas and strawberries, and perhaps a full container of whipped cream. it did taste excellent, though.

the main event by the pool was the sangria.

i made averie’s recipe last week, with a bottle of rose wine (since i would never drink rose wine, and i had a flat tire and couldn’t leave the apartment), no mango chunks (again: flat tire), and fresh pineapple chunks. 8 hours in, it still tasted like rose wine, and i was worried. after work, it was perfect.

but this weekend i had a chance to actually go shopping, and i went back to my favorite: red sangria. i did keep averie’s idea of adding peach schnapps. so thanks for that little game changer. i have no worries about this bottle getting polished off this summer (even though my last bottle was from around 7 years ago in college).


  • 1.5 liters red wine (this jug of merlot runs about $7, and it is delicious… no joke)
  • 1.5 cups peach schnapps (if you’re using less wine, shoot for about 1 cup schnapps to every 4 cups wine, or 3/4 cup to a 750 ml bottle of wine)
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup blueberries
  • 1/2 cup strawberries, roughly chopped
  • 2 big navel oranges, wedged (i squeezed 1 for extra juice)
  • 1 lime

this was enough for just about three pitchers. mom, EP, and i sipped to our hearts’ content all day long. the setting may have contributed to how good it tasted.

happy four-day week.




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    You sound like me. I can always find a cute skirt at Target. And the clothes they have right now for girls, oh my goodness so cute.

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