sweet & condensed

last night, i made homemade sweetened condensed milk (from this recipe. it isn’t even a little bit distinguished. but you can make it into coffee creamer). now i’ve got it in the fridge for my espresso. it’s not as amazing as it was in ree’s iced coffee a few months ago, but it’s still delicious.

the main purpose of the homemade milk was for an even less healthy part of my night. i proceeded to make no-bake cake batter truffles. thanks, averie. but really, i can’t blame you for the fact that they were so delicious, i may or may not have eaten 6 throughout the night (when it’s “may or may not,” it’s never “not”).

i wanted to make something in the kitchen. i was still dreaming of cake batter and cookie dough. i was not hungry at all for dinner after an insanely-protein-filled lunch. and, i was going to yoga for 1.25 hours. so i consider it evened out… except that they’re still sitting in my fridge calling out to me.

i lied earlier… it is just as delicious in my espresso.




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