reverb11: procure

Reverb10 was led last year by Gwen Bell, Kaileen Elise, and Cali Harris, to celebrate life and mourn losses. I answered about 5 prompts. This year, I’m creating my own Reverb11. It is a month-long challenge, to blog every day of December, reflect on 2011, and think about 2012. Feel free to answer my prompts or share your own.

Today’s prompt – PROCURE: Did you buy something that made you happy? Why did it make you happy?

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canon rebel t2i
i have not had my camera for an entire year yet. i bought it for myself just after christmas; it arrived the first week of january. i got more presents than i could’ve hoped for, and then i bought a big fancy camera. i adore it. i still don’t always know how to take great photos with it, but i love using it, and i love that it gets me to take more photos.

i also got a nice camera bag, after seeing ashley’s, personalized through porteen gear. i still really like the bag. if i take it around on a normal day, i use 1 compartment for my camera, and another for my wallet, phone, and a granola bar. sometimes i throw in my second lens, and sometimes i leave it empty. most days, i still wedge my camera into the laptop insert of my messenger bag. i may talk more about camera travels another time.

and i bought a second lens, the canon 75-300mm telephoto zoom lens. i wouldn’t have if it wasn’t on sale, and i don’t use it very often. but the few times i have used it, i’ve been really glad i had it, like at my nephew’s soccer games, and on the ferry ride to st. john.

apple 27″ imac
my second giant purchase in 2011 was my computer. this one was pretty recent. there was no reason i needed to spend as much as i did for a new computer. but i like macs, and i like feeling fancy. i had the money, and i did not deplete my car fund / savings.

they were a good chunk of money, but i don’t regret either one. i’m working on banishing buyer’s remorse from my life. i suffered more than enough for one lifetime while i was growing up.

right now, i’m excited for other things i’ve procured this year… in the form of some christmas gifts. i can’t wait to give them! some of them are hilarious, and some of them are, i think, just perfect. [plus some homemade wrapping paper that is currently drying.]

P.S. Photographing prom and a photo grid display.




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    We need to talk cameras some time. There’s a photography class in the continuing learning catalog from GCC. I know the man teaching it. In fact there are several. I’m thinking about taking it, but don’t know if it’s worth it with this camera. Anyway…love the home made paper!! What a great idea!

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