just make something.

I’m working on a minibook for my photos and words from Week in the Life.

Originally, I thought about digital layouts. Changed my mind. Said I would incorporate it into Project Life. Changed my mind. And now, I’m back to layouts.


I love the idea of a minibook full of these photos. There are a few I love way too much to be stuck with little 3″ snapshots.

I haven’t worked on Project Life in a few weeks. But I still love the format, and once I get inspired again, I’ll go through months of photos in a weekend. It’s awesome working on it that way. I love the straightforward plan to document and record one week in each spread. But it’s not what I’m interested in today.

I really loved blogging every day, and having a whole group of people to connect with who were also doing Week in the Life. But I think I wanted to ease up on myself a little bit and the expectations I was setting.

Right now, it’s this minibook I’m excited about. That wasn’t the case yesterday. But now, I’m so thrilled by it. I went through my folders and made sure I wasn’t missing any favorite photos. I edited and exported and started working with my pages in Photoshop Elements.

I think the important part is to work on exactly what you’re most thrilled by — especially when you’re talking about your hobbies and just how you want to spend your time. Whether it’s blog posts or afghans, minibooks or scrapbook pages, perfect french press coffee or journal pages that no one will ever see. It’s something I’m trying to teach myself: we should go toward what fills us up.

So that’s what I’m working on in my spare time this week. That, and some table number displays for a wedding next week. What are you creating?

november 2014 goals.


Happy November!

Last month’s no sugar challenge was sort of a wash. I had some conversations around why I was doing it, switched focus, and then I think I ended up somewhere better. One of my goals is to stick with it.

I had a different goal on this list, a simple / exciting / big goal. But I’m not ready to make it public. So… I changed it out.

I need more sleep. I’m exhausted. And I think this month, that means buying a great new bed. I’ve been sleeping on a futon mattress + foam topper for four years, and it just occurred to me that I should probably invest in a real mattress. Looking at upgrading in size and quality. Pretty darn excited.

I want to decorate for the holidays! I have never done this myself, in my own space. It needs to happen in a big way.

And I want to get back into Project Life and document Week in the Life! I think I want to document & celebrate & decorate the holidays like I did the summer, with a little book. Somehow it feels more festive & less formal than Project Life. So I think I will be doing both again.

Other goals are really about reminding myself to unwind — taking a minute to calm down, thinking about how I want to be spending my time, getting back to a yoga class or two.

Nothing too intense. I want to enjoy my time and not waste so many hours after work. I want to stress less, I want to take care of myself, and I want to celebrate.

Linking up with The Nectar Collective today.

Week in the Life 2014: Sunday.

Number of photos taken: 94.

I have loved this project.

But man, I am ready for a break from having to climb off the couch at 10:00 PM to edit the day’s photos and type up the blog post.

Once I have a few days off that routine, I think I will be excited all over again to figure out my layout & plan for getting it in the books.

On to Sunday.

8:00 AM | Up early (though it’s really 9:00 AM pre daylight savings, so I’m happy). Go on the computer and check out Week in the Life posts.



9:00 AM | Go get P. and ask if it’s coffee time. We make plans to go out to dinner with uncle.





I drop my beloved Sony RX camera. While it’s on and the lens is out in the open. Panic. Wallow. Suck it up and try to wipe it clean. I think it’s ok…


10:00 AM | On the couch sipping delicious coffee and watching Man in the Iron Mask on HBO.



I am not taking care of my succulents, it seems. This one sprouted a spindly limb to get closer to the sun. It happened fast. And then it grew double in length. It freaks me out. I’m going to have to get rid of it.


11:00 AM | Make a delicious breakfast — sautéed asparagus, scrambled eggs, and feta. I’m reminding myself how simple eating better can be, with a little effort and planning ahead. But it’s that effort and planning ahead that have been getting me recently.

Watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix, then head back to the couch for some Girl Code.


2:00 PM | P. and I decide to go for a walk. It is cold. And absurdly windy. It wasn’t the happiest we’ve been. We stopped off at the office for some hot cocoa (him) and peppermint tea (me), and that helped some.




4:00 PM | Back at the apartment under the blankets again. We’re going to have to test out the heat sooner or later. I jump into some Twilight reading with a little snack.



I eventually shower, get ready for dinner, and straighten up a little bit.

7:00 PM | His uncle arrives for a quick tour of the apartment and we head out to dinner. In a tragic turn of events for the finale of Week in the Life, I forget my phone at home and dinner goes unphotographed.

We share calamari. I have the salmon. We stay as they shut down the restaurant and I finish my wine. I’m sleepy. But we had fun chatting.

10:30 PM | Back home! Try to watch TV, but there’s a problem with cable and the X1 box. surprise surprise. I come into the office to write about the last day and P. naps on the couch. I might rather be sleeping. But I really did adore the project.


Week in the Life 2014: Saturday.

Number of photos taken: 77.

As opposed to my trick-or-treater themed photos yesterday, today I think my shots were more varied. Less cute, but at least more varied.

I started out the morning heading back to a Weight Watchers meeting, where I was welcomed back. Felt simple & great.


I came home and made a good effort to track what I was eating, be a little more mindful, and go easy on myself.




I made myself a gorgeous little food notebook. I’ll look for inspiration anywhere.


Then I took a quick trip out to a home decor shop with my parents. I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything more than hand lotion at the shop, but I needed something to do in the morning, so I tagged along. It was a miserable, rainy day. But I love this shot.


Then I finally tested out my new slow cooker with some healthy vegetarian chili. It was a pretty unique recipe. Not spicy, but not sweet, and it had great, simple ingredients.

This is the slow cooker I chose after an afternoon’s worth of research: Hamilton Beach 33565 Simplicity 6-Quart Slow Cooker.

And this is the chili recipe: Slow-Cooker Vegetarian Chili With Sweet Potatoes.



I snuggled up all afternoon and Christmas movie season officially began in my household.



P. came home around dinnertime, and asked me out for Chinese. I obliged. And agreed to frozen yogurt on the way home. Maybe not the best way to kick off a new healthy start. But it’s the most reserved I’ve been — maybe ever. And I enjoyed every bite.




One more day left in Week in the Life! I am setting an intention to keep my camera on me at all times tomorrow and capture all of the small details that make up life right now. A huge early thank you to Ali Edwards for creating and hosting this amazing, inspiring project.

Week in the Life 2014: Friday.

Number of photos taken: 118.

I feel like on half of the days these week, the number of photos taken was almost cheated. One day I was traveling, and Friday, we had a pretty cute little trick-or-treater that probably got 100 of these 118 photos.

But on to the photos anyway.

Waking up is always rough for me on weekdays. We keep the lights down low while I work on the coffee. There was a hilarious shot of me with the flash on. I look completely asleep with my eyes wide open. It did not make the blog cut.



I’m working on a DIY 2015 planner. I’ll probably post more about it another time. But, it’s time intensive & simple, and I think I will love it.


I don’t think I was as active with my camera today, but that’s alright. It did result in my favorite handful of photos all involving food. Shrimp pad thai with a coworker…


And a dinner date with P. and my parents.


And then this cute little thing in a poodle skirt and fake glasses came by to say hello! Seriously, this costume.


I am feeling so inspired with this project to play with angles and the type of photos I’m taking. I think it will stick around long after the week is over.



Happy Halloween!