Week In The Life 2014: The Album

Week in the Life with Ali Edwards happened this past August. I played along for the first time in October 2014. Last year, I uploaded photos and words to the blog each night. Everything was completely ready when I was ready to put together my album. I got to focus on just creating layouts, organizing things, and printing the photos.

The project happened again this past August. I wasn’t blogging. I took short timeline notes on my phone each day, and incorporated the pages into my Project Life album. I ended up with just a few short notes for each day.

But right now, let’s talk about 2014.

I had so much journaling in 2014, and I took 735 photos. (That’s 400 more than this year. But I love both projects.)

For 2014, I made a 5×7 minibook of my week, full of photo pages and typed journaling pages, and bound with book rings.


I followed a pretty simple flow of pages. I started each day with a full page image and a full page of text.


Then, I added as many pages as I needed to include all my favorite photos (or just a good sample from the day). Most days got two spreads, some got just one. I used three basic templates for the photo pages:

  • Six squares
  • Four vertical photos (sometimes altered to include wider and narrower images)
  • Two horizontal photos



And that’s it! I really like the documentation. And the minibook (which I realized this week doesn’t include the year, and I want to remedy that).



I think it will be so fun to look back over different weeks in my life once I have a few more. Even now, when not much has changed from last year to this year, I loved looking through my photos to see what I did throughout the week… how I documented, what photos I decided to capture, what I thought about my day-to-day stuff.















Such a fun project.

weekend links // 01.

Made me think: Article about walking being the best exercise. I recently took a month-long break from my Fitbit, and just got re-excited about it a week or two ago. Encouraging words about simple moving.

Made me laugh: Jenna Marbles’ junk food confessions. Maybe a weird first video to watch from her, but the first one I watched was her trying couples yoga, and it was amazing. Language for grown ups. Worth it.

Made me feel good: You are a grown up. Do what you want.

Made me want to spend $$: Kelly Purkey’s new stamp sets.

Made me hungry: slow cooker coconut curry baked beans, followed by safe-to-eat cookie dough.



DRINKING Not Your Father’s Root Beer, after finally (fi-na-lly) tracking it down in a store near home.

WATCHING Scorpion, My Big Fat Fabulous Life, and You’re the Worst. I’m trying to get back into live cable this season, and it is delightful.

Uhhh… WRITING blog posts. It’s been two months. Remind me to write a post about how I’ve been suffering from a nasty case of “nothing I have to say is worth sharing.”

LOOKING forward to cooler weather, many more lattes, pumpkin carving, and blankets. Remind me of this in one month when I’m heartbroken it’s winter.

EATING vegetarian for the last month. I’m not sure how long it will last. I didn’t make any big decisions or commitments before I went for it on September 1. It feels good to be back. It feels like… me. More than (some really good) arguments about health or animal rights or the environment, it just boils down to something I really want to and (sometimes love to) do. Like a big experiment.

ADORING my brand new papasan chair from Pier 1. I deliberated for months, and finally went for it. I needed “my spot” in the apartment. It is ridiculously comfortable and perfect for reading books.

ALSO DRINKING whole milk and coconut sugar in my coffee, and wondering what my current “favorite” is. Sometimes it takes me longer than it should to pinpoint my preferences.

FEELING totally spent with the workweek and looking forward to a weekend of couch time, Project Life, movies, and Fitbit steps. TGIF.

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