Project Life 2015: Week 01.


This is Project Life 2015.


Week 01 // December 29 – January 04.


Week Details // We rang in 2015! I only worked Monday and Tuesday this week, and had five amazing days to relax in the apartment and putter around. I spent my time cleaning out spaces and getting ready for the clean start of the new year. I love that.

Other things documented here are a cold, nice walk with P., my desk space when it was almost clear, fireworks (!), our tradition of a bacon-filled breakfast on the weekends, and a visit from my parents for Primo’s.


Scrapbook Details // I was so excited to jump in with a slightly new style. Looking over this spread, I see almost the exact same type of photos I included last year. But I dig the small changes so far. I love that I’m done with my corner rounder. I love the white borders. I love that I’m printing the dates on the weekly card instead of using a date stamp (for some reason, that was something I hated doing each week).



And we’re off! I always start stronger keeping up with the album and blogging about it. And I always trail off with it 1/3 of the way through the year. But, it is what it is. And for now I’m excited to share this quickly after a week has wrapped up.

About Project Life // Project Life is a memory-keeping system created by Becky Higgins. I use it to document life weekly. You can see my posts from 2013 here and 2014 here.

This year I’m using Design A pocket pages, and a pieces from a few core kits: Midnight, Jade, and Seafoam. I print my photos at home on my Canon Pixma Pro-100 printer and use my Rotatrim to crop everything down to size. They’re massive but awesome.

Weekly Folders for 2015

Just popping in quickly to say hello! This week is pretty crazy at work, getting ready for our yearly meeting. I came down with a nasty migraine Monday night, and instead of sitting at the computer tonight (Tuesday night), I’m going to straighten up, catch up with some other things, and read a book.

In my prep for 2015 Project Life, I just went through the short, tedious task of creating empty folders for the year. 52 folders, labeled with week number and dates, for collecting my favorite photos to print.


I wanted to share it here, in case anyone would appreciate avoiding the hassle.

You can download the zip file here: 2015 By Week.

The plan for Project Life 2015.

I finished my 2014 album this weekend! It feels awesome to be totally finished.

I still have quite a bit to share on the blog, but I spent some time this morning taking photos of all the spreads. For now, I want to share my thoughts for moving into 2015.

I still love Project Life, and documenting the everyday moments that usually go un-documented. 90% of the photos in our albums from when I was little are birthdays and vacations. And that’s awesome. But I love seeing these little moments, too. It’s a great way to practice gratitude, to look through the regular weeks, or the weeks that didn’t seem like much fun, and find some photos of beautiful things.

I’m for sure going to go for another album this year.


What’s changing:

  • No more rounded corners. I’m excited to let this one go. If I’m using a physical Project Life card, I’ll keep them rounded as is. Otherwise, it’s all right angles. In the past I was worried it wouldn’t look consistent this way, but I’m giving this up, and I think it’ll look great. I think it’ll also look better when I enlarge a photo and crop it to fit the pockets, without missing spaces.
  • I’m adding white borders. Which could lead to more white space in general.
  • I’ll continue to include a weekly title card, but I think I’m going to be easy going about what spot it goes in. It’s been top left every week in my last two albums. I don’t really care about seeing it first off, so I’m going to play around with it in 2015. (Though, I might go right back to top left if it still works the best.)
  • My new core kit for 2015 is the midnight edition, along with a sunflower yellow cloth binder. But I’m going to mix it up now that I have so many cards in my stash. I have part of the digital version of the awesome seafoam edition, I still love the jade edition, and a few cards from my old clementine edition.

What’s staying the same:

  • I’m going to keep document week-by-week. I’ve seen people shift to monthly, and while it’s great to take some “pressure” off, I don’t feel any pressure with weekly documenting. If I don’t have enough photos one week, I combine two. It’s only happened a handful of times. Or I blow up one or two photos to the full 12×12 size. I think if I thought about it monthly, I’d get lazy about including so many of the random, “insignificant” moments.
  • A 12×12 album. A lot of people go back and forth between this and smaller sizes. And while my last two years are pretty big & heavy, I love seeing one week in one huge spread.
  • Design A page protectors. I use these for all of my weekly spreads, and I love the consistency. I add inserts whenever they add something or I have something else to share, and if it keeps working out, I want to keep these less than 12×12. It’s worked out great the last two years, to keep the weeks moving consistently.
  • Quote cards. I’m a sucker for a good quote. So I have fun choosing one that speaks to me or goes with the week. They’re annoying to print, though, and I found myself with one blank space each week waiting to be filled with a quote. I think I know the simple look I want for these in 2015, and I might print a bunch of favorites off at the start to use up if they work.

And that’s it! I’m not sure about my method of sharing. I’ve thought about trying to blog about progress each week, but it’s just not how I work on my album. I usually save up a month or two and work on them all at once. It would be more fun to work on the photos as the days are happening, but staying so casual about it has kept me interested in the project for 700+ days, so I don’t want to mess up a good thing.

Do any of you use any documentation methods or do any scrapbooking? I’ve had such an amazing time with this nerdy hobby over the last two years, and I love seeing other people’s projects.

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