Week in the Life 2014: Wednesday.

Number of photos taken: 64.

I didn’t write down times and notes throughout the day. Let’s see how it goes without them.

Today I thought about getting photos of all the things usually unphotographed. It was a work day, which meant I wouldn’t have many photos from a big chunk of time sitting at my desk at work. I wanted to think about snapping all that random background noise. Thankfully, I get another chance tomorrow, since there was still plenty that went unpictured.

The little things included our favorite milk from a local convenience store. We both use it in our coffee in the morning.


Today, P. left early for a work day trip, so I sipped coffee with a little more of my DVR’d television show.


The little things usually include reading blogs on my phone. The screen just happens to be bigger and more exciting this week with my recent iPhone 6 upgrade. I can’t imagine what this same scene might look like in five years.


Today included more cake pops. Documenting this is interesting. They were delicious and festive for Halloween coming up. But also… I’m not eating the best right now and not entirely happy with where I am. I’m wondering how to document that side of things right now… The side that is me not exactly doing the things I know I should be. I’m not dwelling on it, but it still feels worth including.


Today included little reminders…


…and my favorite hand lotion. The only thing that kept my hands from cracking last fall when the weather turned colder and I still washed them just as frequently.


We had P.’s sister and her fiancé over for dinner, so the day included a little bit of cleaning.



And a little bit of wine.


Still thinking about new angles I’d like to capture during the next four days.


And today included another trip to Primo’s. I don’t think I’d be upset if this turned into a weekly tradition.



And that’s Wednesday in (short) words and photos. I really adore this project so far. It feels worlds apart from Project Life. Has me using the camera and considering documentation in a completely different way.

I still want to think about it a little more about how I want to round out my week, and what I really want to capture and document. Work days are tough. I’m sitting in a cubicle and the days look fairly similar through the lens.

But again, I’ll look for those little moments I don’t normally think about. I’m glad I still have time to consider this project more, and remind myself to reach for my camera more.

I still adore it.

Week in the Life 2014: Tuesday.

Number of photos taken: 43.

6:45 AM | Back to the regular schedule of waking up for work. I typically whine about it a decent amount while P. gets up first, puts the water on to boil for the french press, and has a bowl of cereal.

7:00 AM | Then I drag myself out of bed to fix the coffee. We sit for a few minutes on the couch before he starts getting ready and I read a few blogs.


Get ready for the day and head out the door for work. It’s gorgeous out. So when I have to park far away from my normal spot and walk to the building, it reminds me of all the time we spent outside on our trip this past weekend.

Then I settle in with the remains of my coffee and catch up on emails at work.

12:30 PM | Lunch break to Wawa. Got a cheese hoagie that really didn’t impress me. But made plans with the parents for pizza tonight. And I was surprised with two cake pops from a coworker earlier so I have an awesome afternoon treat.





5:15 PM | Stopped off to get gas on the way home. The gauge was blinking, so I made it just in time. I feel like Kramer when that happens, riding it out just to see how far I can go.



6:00 PM | I saw my therapist tonight. Had a great session. The main theme was expectations. Really interesting and hopeful tonight. I don’t write about this here much (or, maybe ever), but it’s been a really positive experience for me, and was probably the best decision I made last year.


The fall weather is a little crazy right now. Some days it’s cold and miserable, some days it’s warm like summer again. So this afternoon, it was flip flops and crunching through the leaves.

7:30 PM | Went to my parents for pizza night while P. is in the garage at his dad’s. Watched a little Big Bang Theory, and then headed home.

Go on the computer for a little while, edited some photos for a little project I’m working on.

10:15 PM | P. brought me cookie dough ice cream when he got home from the garage. I put in a recorded episode of Scorpion and had some before I went back to the computer to finish my blog post.



Some thoughts so far | I’m not worrying at all about my plans for designing or scrapbooking this week in the life. Right now, it’s all about the photos and the words that make up everyday life. That’s the big piece. I’m even considering throwing out what few ideas I had about incorporating this into my Project Life album. I might make a minibook. Maybe I’ll order a digital photo book. But I’ll figure out my plan once this week is documented.

I am blogging and sharing my photos and words every morning. This means I’m uploading and editing photos each night. I stayed up too late working on that Monday night, so I will try to be more efficient in the next few days. I do think it will help in the long run that I’ll have already looked through photos, chosen some of my favorites, and done some editing.

I’m also using the Day One iPhone app for my stories throughout the day. I never got into this app for Project Life notes or anything else, though I saw a lot of people rave about it. I figured the Notes app was fine. But for this project, I’m finding it insanely helpful. I create one document for each day and write my times and thoughts in that. It’s a gorgeous font to write in, which sounds small, but makes me happy. Then I can send the notes to myself at night in the body of an email, which means my blog posts are all but created.

Little things, but they’re keeping the process fun but simple.

I’ve read Ali Edwards address people that might think their life is too boring, or they do the same thing every day. I think this idea might actually help me stay chill with the project. For example, I know that, in a normal work week, my coffee routine is the same every day. There are other routines like that, too, similar every day. So if on Tuesday I didn’t get the photo I wanted, or didn’t want to pick up the camera, I have another shot at it the next day.

Week in the Life 2014: Monday.

I’m taking part in Week in the Life this week, an awesome documentation project created by Ali Edwards.

Number of photos taken: 217.

7:30 AM | Woke up at Santosha Bed and Breakfast in the Poconos, on our last day of vacation. It’s been a beautiful three days – almost four – and I’d love to come back.

8:15 AM | Brush our teeth and head downstairs for coffee on the deck before breakfast. Leslie always has a pot ready at 7:00 so we went down early every morning to sit before everyone else came down.






9:00 AM | Breakfast this morning started with overnight oats, with pineapple, toasted coconut, and homemade granola. It was really cute to see five other people fall in love with one of my favorite breakfasts. She made delicious dried cherry scones for the baked good today. Then we had a sort of eggs benedict with ham, tomato, and asparagus.



11:00 AM | Check out time. Leslie had a parting ritual where you write down something you want less of in your life, something you want to be done with. You go outside and set it on fire. Then you pick out a stone with a word on it, something you want more of in your life. P. chose fun. I chose simplicity. I think they work perfectly together.


1:00 PM | On our way home, we took a long detour and stopped in Bethlehem, PA. It was an adorable town with old buildings and a ton of restaurants. We ate at Brew Works, shared Bavarian pretzels with cheddar beer dip, and each had the buffalo chicken grilled cheese special. Then he tried the double chocolate porter ice cream and I ordered the oatmeal stout ice cream float. Perfect long pit stop.






4:15 PM | We got home, unpacked the car, and got our mail. My new iPhone 6 case arrived! Now I’m not sure if it had been there the whole time and I could have had it on our trip. It only matters that I have it now. But it would’ve have been helpful the three times I dropped my phone – and the one time I accidentally launched it out of my hand and it crashed into a table. Whoops. It’s no worse for wear, I don’t think.


I cleaned the bathroom and cleaned out the fridge. He did laundry and uploaded trip photos from the GoPro. We watch part of the Majestic, put on the recent Saturday Night Live with Jim Carrey, then round out the evening with Tosh.0 and an episode of Entourage.

6:00 PM | Give my mom the regular “I’m home” phone call. Mess up the conversation and am a bad daughter because I zone out while trying to hold the phone and snap a selfie at the same time. I will remember next time that it probably won’t make a difference if the photo is staged and taken after the conversation ends. But, I saved our chat and got a photo of myself to include in the first day of this crazy project, so I’ll call it a success.



8:30 PM | Made a very random bowl of goodness for a snack tonight. It included yogurt and soy milk with chia seeds, grapes, and entenmann’s chocolate crumb cake. Odd. And followed by some popcorn. I wanted to keep vacation alive and not make dinner. But I think this should change by tomorrow.


9:30 PM | Came into the “blog room” to upload all my trip photos and assemble this – my first Week in the Life post.


Old Factory Candles


I received a set of Old Factory Candles, and I wanted to share them on the blog. (“As always,” my opinions and words are my own.)


They are sold on Amazon as little gift sets of three. I picked the Coffee Shop set, which includes hazelnut, coffee bean, and chai tea, and they are awesome.



I’ve read a lot of posts from bloggers about when they decide to accept products or say yes to writing reviews. And while this wasn’t a huge commitment, I knew it was right. When I got the boxed set from the mailbox and opened it up, it was adorable.


I’ve had the hazelnut candle burning for the last few hours, and I love it. I would absolutely buy these as hostess gifts.



The candles are a cute 2 oz. size, but it looks like they’ll burn for a long time. I think a set of smaller candles makes a better gift than one big candle, so there are a few different scents to try. (Also, the following photo shows P.’s hand, as well as the petite candle. It wasn’t quite as small in my own hand.)


The scent is awesome. Not overpowering, but noticeable throughout the apartment. And I did not fall for the “self-trimming” wick claims immediately, but that sucker has not once flickered or gotten too long. It’s the little things.


Heading out early.


P. and I are starting our weekend early this week, and heading out on a mini road trip. We’re going into the mountains (but not roughing it by any means), for a much needed long weekend. Definitely looking forward to a little time to relax and reset.

It should be a nice four days. And one of them is getting documented to kick off Week in the Life.

Enjoy your weekend!